This is a an open collection of ideas on various topics, intended mainly as a self-reminder.

Flame fractals (fl4me?)

multiple dimensions (D > 0)
sequential transforms
final transforms (mapping D dimensions to x, y, z, t(ime), c(olor), p(oint size) etc)
dynamic compilation, vectorial GPU functions (boost?)
I started working on a javascript implementation

Mesh processing

Initial draft

LowerInvoke2 and LowerCall LLVM transform proposals

LowerInvoke2 is a proposal to lower LLVM intrinsics invoke/unwind to call/return without setjmp/longjmp, mimicking the way EH is done manually in languages lacking builtin EH. LowerCall is a proposal to lower call/return to jumps (br). Coupled with pre-existing LLVM optimizations they could theorically provide zero-overhead calls and zero-cost EH. Draft on Google Docs. Other LLVM ideas.

Meta Fragments

draft: Meta Fragments


draft: GlobalMessageTransport
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