GlobalMessageTransport is an e-mail-like, distributed, zeroconf, secure and globally routed message delivery system.


Its semantics are rather simple and are mostly based on a single action:

SEND «sender_identity» «recipient_identity» «binary_data»

«sender_identity» is the private key of the sender of the message

«recipient_identity» is the public key of the recipient of the message

«binary_data» is a raw byte string representing the data to be sent

Example SEND

  • SEND S R D
  • Sign the data D with S and encrypt it with R → De
  • Compute the hash of De → Dh
  • Find in the address book, on a DHT or by other means an IP endpoint corresponding to R → IP:port
  • Open up a connection to IP:port and send S R Dh; if the remote host accepts, send De